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Overview Of Eye Problems

Eye pain is a worrying sign often described in various ways depending on the cause of the problem. The pain which targets the structures of the eye results in burning or severe pain. Pain affecting the deeper arrangements of the eye can feel like an agonizing, throbbing or acute pain.

The reason for the eye pain can be identified to some extent depending on the description of the pain given by the casualty. For instance:

  • Discomfort in a single eye could be because of strain the eye received. Pain disturbing both the eyes might be because of an infection.
  • An abrupt onset of severe eye pain may possibly mean glaucoma.
  • Eye pain together with discharge signifies a microscopic infection.
  • Eye pain that is not affected by optical symptoms might show that the conjunctiva or eyelids could be affected. Optical problems are generally caused if the deeper structures of the eye including the cornea are affected.
    Eye pain is a worrying sign often described in various ways depending on the cause of the problem.
    Eye pain is a worrying sign often described in various ways depending on the cause of the problem.
  • Minor pain might indicate a conjunctiva infection.
  • Using contact lenses could also point to an infection.
  • Eye pain that happens in causalities with disorders like arthritis might have problems with the eyes due to the disorder.

In certain cases like glaucoma or conjunctiva of the deeper structures within the eye, it is crucial to pinpoint the cause and manage it early as possible to avoid permanent injury to the eye.


The following are causes of eye pain

Disorders Distressing The Eyelids And Structures Surrounding The Eye:

Disorders disturbing the eyelids and surrounding structures that cause eye pain comprise of:

Sty: A sty is a swelling of a congested oil gland positioned at the edge of the eyelids. It produces a noticeable bump, which is often inflamed and sore to touch. The pain subsides once the blockage is relieved.

 Blepharitis: Blepharitis is an ailment where the eyelash cavities are swollen. It causes pain surrounding the eye. The eyelids seem bloodshot and irritated with attached scales. They can appear hard, inflamed and irritated.

 Sinusitis: Sinusitis is swelling and sometimes contamination of the sinuses of the face. It typically accompanies a breathing tract infection and could cause pain surrounding the eye.

 Migraine: Eye pain can happen while experiencing severe migraines.

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