First Aid Re-certification: Using First Aid as Regular Medical Interventions

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For individuals who are constantly around people who are suffering from permanent and debilitating medical conditions, first aid re-certification is a must since most first aid techniques can be used to manage these conditions. When used as regular interventions, these techniques can help improve the quality of life of these individuals and alleviate any pain or comfort that they might be experiencing on a regular basis. Here are some of the skills that can be relearned through first aid re-certification and can be used as regular medical interventions.

Proper wound care

Applying Gauze for a Bleeding Wound
Applying Gauze for a Bleeding Wound

Proper wound care is important for people who are suffering from Diabetes, heart diseases and obesity since these medical conditions can cause chronic and non-healing wounds. Non-healing wounds cannot be treated surgically or pharmacologically which is why proper wound care becomes the top priority of caregivers. Through proper wound care, further decay of the affected area can be prevented. Having a foul-smelling open wound will also be avoided.

Proper injury management

Certain medical conditions can cause patients to lose consciousness randomly even in situations wherein they are engaged in a high energy activity which makes them prone to injuries due to falls. These conditions include seizures, Diabetes and epilepsy. Other patients on the other hand, are prone to injuries because of their lack of muscle control due to several medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, brain injury or stroke. Certain psychological conditions or problems may also trigger aggressive behavior which can lead to self-inflicted injuries. These conditions include Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Proper injury management includes regular assessment which would make it easier for caregivers to determine if further, more complex medical interventions are needed or if the patient needs to be brought to the hospital. This prevents injuries from turning into life-threatening medical emergencies.

Through first aid re-certification, rescuers and caregivers will be able to maintain their high quality first aid skills which further ensures the safety of the individuals or patients that they are taking care of on a regular basis. Regular re-certification would also make it easier for them to stay updated on the latest first aid techniques that can be used to manage other permanent medical conditions more efficiently. Considering that most of these medical conditions have no known cure that can completely treat their symptoms, first aid re-certification is a must to ensure that they are well-managed until the very end.

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