The Importance of CPR Re-certification

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CPR Re-certification
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Many people that complete CPR classes often forget what they learned in just a few months. This is understandable, because people outside the medical profession rarely put these skills to use. However, forgetting the skills and information taught during CPR training is not a good thing. You never know when an accident can occur.

Usually, this treatment helps to save the life of a person that has gone into cardiac arrest. When the heart and breathing stops, the victim only has four minutes before irreversible brain damage occurs. Six minutes of delayed treatment following cardiac arrest could lead to death. Since emergency help for medical assistance normally takes time to arrive at the accident scene, anyone that knows how to perform CPR can keep an accident victim alive as paramedics are on the way. Of course, this would require the services a trained CPR professional. To avoid a situation where you are finally called upon to provide this lifesaving treatment and the training in no longer fresh in your mind, it makes sense to take a CPR re-certification course.

Besides forgetting how to administer basic CPR, it is important to stay updated on the latest guidelines for this treatment. This is because the American Heart Association reviews and makes adjustments CPR guidelines. Therefore, changes regarding CPR have occurred over the years. For instance, new tools have been introduced for this treatment, with some examples being automated external defibrillators and external valve masks.  This is why some professions require renewal of CPR certification.

However, CPR refresher courses are the same as the usually training. Participants review CPR steps such as providing rescue breaths, checking for pulses, and administering chest compressions. In case you took the course a long time ago, you may learn new things as well. Those retaking the course though usually have an idea of what lessons will entail. So, the training might take less time than it would with first time students.

Where to Take a CPR Re-certification Course

There is no doubt that CPR re-certification is necessary for anyone that decides to take this essential training. Whether be it for purpose of staying updated with current guidelines, or to maintain skills, a CPR refresher course is indeed beneficial. Before you choose where to retake the course, ensure that the American Heart Association has accredited your chosen training institution. This applies to trainers that offer CPR training online and offline.

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