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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is an extremely essential and simple life-saving skill to help someone who goes in cardiac arrest. Sever cardiac arrest entails that the person’s heart, brain as well as his or her are deprived of oxygen. You can double the chance of the victim’s survival if they’re immediately given CPR. A person who has taken proper CPR classes with a certificate is the best person to do so.

Why Cardiac Arrests Occur

CPR Classes
CPR Classes

A person can go into cardiac arrest for a number of reasons. Heart disease is most cause but at times it can also be prominent in drowning victims, because of drug overdose or because of head injury. It can happen at any time and at any place so don’t be caught unaware! Knowing CPR could save your family member’s or friend’s or any other human’s life if you’re trained in CPR classes equipped with the right trainers and tools.

The Essentials

As soon as you see that someone is in need of help the first thing to check is if you can approach the victim without putting yourself in danger. Helping isn’t going to be very useful if you get impaired in the process. The next step is to check whether or not the patient is responsive. Talk to them and try to bring to consciousness. If they continue to remain lifeless, the first thing you should do is call for help. Dial your local emergency number and ask for an ambulance as soon as possible.

CPR Training

CPR is a lifesaving first aid technique that can dramatically increase a person’s chance of survival. If CPR is not performed in time, the victim can be dead within the time span of three to four minutes because enough oxygen isn’t received by the brain.

CPR classes are essential because implementing the procedure

is crucial otherwise you could do more harm than good. During medical emergencies, it’s the only way to keep a person alive until professional helps arrives at the spot of the incident.

Though it’s important to administer CPR as soon as possible, it should only occur under the direst circumstance. The victim should show either be unconscious, unresponsive, have erratic breathing or not be moving. The basic steps and warning signs to look out for is something that you will be taught in class so that your skills are efficient while thorough.

Different circumstance pertains to different CPR techniques. Take, for example, a child who’s choking. First you should know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver in an attempt to clear your victims air way. The amount of pressure that you apply for CPR would also obviously vary from infant to full grown adults.

There a lot of corners over using manikins to practice when they’ve been used by other students but these CPR classes ensure that everyone gets their own CPR masks to use on the manikins during the training period. This entails that there’s a sanitary and safe barrier between you and the manikin. The CPR masks are easy to carry around, whether you attach them to your belt or put them on your key chain, so you can buy one to carry around in case any emergency occurs at any time without having to worry about infectious diseases.

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