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Emergency-Phone-NumbersWhen an emergency happens, the first thing you should think of is to ask for help. Thanks for our mobile phones, calling for help is a breeze. But while mobile phones allow you to call quickly, you first need to know whom to call. This is why it is important to make a list of emergency phone numbers and share it with your family. These phone numbers are the people you will call if ever a tragedy happens in the household or to anyone in the family.

In an emergency, even the most level-headed individual can become confused. Having a list of important numbers easily available can make calling for help much faster. Make sure to write each number clearly so that you can easily read it even in a distressed situation or in an unfavorable condition. Better yet, you can encode it and print it out on your computer. Do not use pencil or light-colored pen because they are difficult to read.

Keep your emergency phone numbers in the right place

Since emergencies can occur anywhere, make several copies of your list and post in different places of your home, especially near the home phone and doors. Add all of the need-to-know emergency phone numbers in your mobile phone’s directory. Also keep a copy in the glove container of your vehicle.

Everyone at home should know where the emergency phone numbers list is located. If you are leaving your child under the care of babysitter or relatives, make sure that they are made aware of the list. If the babysitter is taking your child out, make sure she has a list of emergency contacts readily available or programmed in her cellphone.

Whom to add in the list

Do not make your emergency call list your home’s directory. Make sure to include only important emergency numbers to avoid confusion and for easy browsing.

  • EMS or emergency medical services (usually 911 but may be different in some communities. Check with the authorities if you are unsure.)
  • Local poison control center
  • Nearest hospital emergency department
  • Police department
  • Fire department
  • Pharmacy
  • Primary health care provider
  • Work telephone number of spouse or parents
  • Mobile phone number of spouse or parents

Some homes have alarm systems. Make sure that everyone knows how and when to use it in case of an emergency.

If you are taking a trip outside of the country or province, make sure you know how to make calls inter-country or inter–province. Emergencies can happen even when you are on vacation, so be sure you know how to call for help if it becomes really necessary. Better yet, know how to provide basic first aid. Enrolling in a first aid training course can greatly prepare you for such stressful emergency situations.

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