CPR Re-Certification

CPR Re-Certification

Is your stand-alone CPR award about to expire and you need to recertify? Check out our CPR re-certification page and learn about the required pre-requisites for taking a re-cert course with one of our training providers. Registration is quick and easy and can be completed on-line or via telephone

CPR Re-Cert Course
Find a Course Near You

Find a Course Near You

Our training providers offer courses throughout Canada and the U.S.A. in the most conveniently placed and comfortable locations. Re-certification courses are offered multiple times per week and at very competitive prices. For more information about finding a renewal course near you

First Aid and CPR Re-Cert Classroom
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We proudly provide a wide variety of first aid and CPR re-certifications courses through the most popular training providers in Canada and the U.S.A. All of our Canadian providers are training partners of St Mark James.

As training partners of this popular provider, we have a number re-certification courses available to candidates that are required to renew their first aid and / or CPR certificate. Candidates that a

re required to have a current certificate have the opportunity to take a renewal course instead of re-taking the original full course. To register for a renewal course with our St Mark James training providers visit our re-cert location page.

First Aid Re-Certifications Course Length

Renewal courses are shorter and cheaper than original courses. A standard first aid and CPR course takes approximately 14 to 18 hours to complete. A standard first aid and CPR re-certification takes only 8 hours to complete. The price difference between the two courses is almost half.

Prerequisites for Renewal Program

first aid and CPR re-certification courses
Creating a sling is part of first aid training, keeping an injured limb immobile.

To be eligible for a re-certification course candidates must possess a previous certificate from a credible provider such as St Mark James training, Heart and Stroke Foundation or St. Johns Ambulance. Participants wanting to renew certification in Ontario must have a current certificate from St Mark James. Certifications that have been awarded via online courses are not eligible for re-certification via these main providers. Candidates can use the providers interchangeably (with the exception of Ontario participants) when doing re-certification courses. If a candidate has a St. Johns Ambulance first aid certificate he or she is eligible for a re-cert through the workplace approved (with the exception of Ontario participants).

Another criteria for candidates to be eligible for a re-certification is that they must have completed a full course or a renewal course within the past 3 years. Candidates that have not completed either course within that time frame must re-take the original course. Participants in Ontario must have completed the previous certification course as a “full” course not a re-certification course to be eligible for renewal (participants can not take consecutive re-cert classes).

Finally, to be eligible for a re-certification course candidates must possess a first aid and / or CPR certificate from the same country as the re-cert course. First aid and CPR certificates are not internationally accredited and can not be re-certified in different countries. Only candidates that receive approval from the previous provider are eligible for a re-certification in a different country.

Available Re-Certification Programs

Not all of the workplace approved first aid and CPR courses include re-certifications. Only the following courses can be re-certified (some provinces have varying courses that can be re-certified, check with your provider in your region). All other courses must be re-taken.

  • Standard First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Standard First Aid and CPR HCP
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “A”
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR level “C”
  • Stand alone CPR level HCP
  • Stand alone CPR level “C”

If the course you need to re-certify is not in this list then you will have to re-take the course.  For more information on the re-certification courses in your area select the highlighted word with the course name that you need (or click here). If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask but visiting our contact. We proudly offer the best first aid and CPR re-cert courses throughout Canada.

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