CPR Re-Certifications

As St Mark James training providers we have several courses designed for people requiring stand alone CPR re-certifications and first aid re-certification courses. In order to be eligible for stand alone CPR re-certs a candidate must have a previous certificate from a credible provider*. Credible providers include:

  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • St Mark James
  • The Canadian Ski Patrol
  • St. Johns Ambulance

*Re-certification for Ontario participants requires that certification award be provided through a St Mark James provider. Another requirement for Ontario participants is that the previous certification course can not be a re-certification class.

Eligibility Requirements for CPR Re-Certs

CPR Re-Certification Courses in Canada and the U.S.A.
Renew your skills and get re-certified by taking a St Mark James course with a provider near you.

Certificates received through on-line courses are not eligible for re-certification through the workplace approved. Furthermore, certificates received in countries other than the country of the re-cert are not eligible for re-certification. First aid and CPR awards are not internationally accredited unless the candidate receives approval from the provider (ex: St Mark James). The last pre-requisite to a stand alone CPR renewal course is that the previous course needs to have been taken within the past 3 years. If a candidate has taken a refresher course or the original course any longer than 3 years then he or she is not eligible for a re-cert and must re-take the course (click here to find a provider).

CPR Re-Certifications

As training partners of St Mark James we are one of the only providers that have re-certification courses. To view all of the premier CPR re-cert providers in your area click here. This is a list of the available CPR re-certification courses that may be provided by the workplace approved (depending on your region):

  • Stand alone CPR level “A” and AED
  • Stand alone CPR level “B” and AED
  • Stand alone CPR level “C” and AED
  • Stand alone Health Care Provider CPR and AED

Each of the previously mentioned CPR re-certification courses is significantly cheaper and shorter than the full course. A CPR “C” or CPR “HCP” re-cert is approximately 5 hours in length and costs as low as 25 dollars in some regions. For more information or to register for a stand alone CPR refresher course select one of the highlighted words throughout the page and you will be directed to a site with more information and registration. We are excited to help you find a first aid and CPR course (click here for more) in your area at the lowest price!

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