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open wound

Preventing Infection on An Open Wound

A wound is a break in the skin that can become infected if it is not treated and cleaned properly. While a minor wound can be negligible in many cases, it can pose a major risk to individuals with conditions that prevent the efficient healing processes to take place. Individuals with a weak immune system, diabetes […]

First Aid


Scabies is a skin related condition in which the skin becomes itchy and infected. It’s caused by small, tiny mites that burrow the top layer of skin. Scabies is very contagious and can spread from person to person through any sort of physical contact. If one family member is suffering from scabies then all other […]

Rashes in children

Rashes in children appear as changes in skin colour or texture. Rashes in children may be generalized or localized depending on the cause of the condition. A localized rash refers to a rash affecting only a single part of the body, whereas a generalized rash may appear on several areas of the child’s body.  Common causes of […]

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