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Preventing Infection on An Open Wound

A wound is a break in the skin that can become infected if it is not treated and cleaned properly. While a minor wound can be negligible in many cases, it can pose a major risk to individuals with conditions that prevent the efficient healing processes to take place. Individuals with a weak immune system, diabetes […]

Know more about First Aid Recertification Courses in Canada

First aid training is popular as it is an empowerment for individuals as well as the society on issues of health and safety management. In addition to the basic packages, first aid recertification is also gaining a lot of popularity among many people. The recertification is important because it enables health practitioners be able to […]

What you Need to Know about CPR HCP Re-certification

CPR HCP is one of the very inclusive cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses. The good thing about this course is that for those who had previously been certified, but the period of certification has expired can receive a CPR HCP Re-certification. This is a great course for those working in the health care facilities. The renewal of […]

First Aid Re-certification: Using First Aid as Regular Medical Interventions

For individuals who are constantly around people who are suffering from permanent and debilitating medical conditions, first aid re-certification is a must since most first aid techniques can be used to manage these conditions. When used as regular interventions, these techniques can help improve the quality of life of these individuals and alleviate any pain […]

Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, First Aid Treatment and Prevention

Heartburn is characterized by a painful, warm burning sensation in the throat or behind the sternum (breastbone). The sensation comes in wave-like motions. Despite its name, heartburn does not involve the heart but rather it is an irritation of the oesophagus due to the stomach acid. Typically, the pain starts in the chest area but […]

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