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One of the most common reasons why there are those who refuse to take first aid and CPR classes is that most certificates are only valid for three years. After this period, rescuers are required to apply for a first aid re-certification in order to be able to practice again. For many, this is a grueling process since they will also need to prepare certain requirements before they can be eligible for a re-certification aside from needing to take a refresher course. What they do not realize is that they only need to bring one document or requirement and it is very easy to obtain. This is none other than their current standard first aid certificate or card. Here are some of the guidelines regarding this document.

Bring other necessary certificates

First Aid Courses
First Aid Courses

Most of the time, rescuers who are opting for a re-certification are required to bring their CPR Level C certificate together with their standard first aid certificate or card. Other institutions may require other certificates especially if the rescuer who is applying for a re-certification has a more advanced or higher certification such as advanced wilderness and remote first aid certification.

The best time to bring the card to a re-certification center or to sign up for a re-certification class

Since rescuers will need to submit their card before they can attend a class, it only makes sense that for rescuers to the take re-certification classes or sign up for one prior to the expiration of their card or certificate since the re-certification center will need to check its validity. This ensures that the person who is applying for a re-certification course has already gone through the first training phase and is not just looking for a way to obtain a certificate with less training hours.

The consequences of not presenting the card before or during the re-certification course

Some training centers allow rescuers to attend their re-certification classes even if the rescuers do not present their current and valid card or certificate. However, these students will not be given a new certificate even if the finish the course until they can submit their previous card or certificate within seven days after they finish the course. If they fail to submit the card within seven days, they will need to take and pay for another class. if the card is already expired, certain training center may ask the rescuers to take another first aid class.

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