The Treatment Of Gastroenteritis

Introduction  Gastroenteritis is a common disorder where the belly and bowel become swollen. It is generally caused by a virus-related or bacteriological infection. The two key symptoms of gastroenteritis are vomiting and diarrhoea, which generally clears up in around a week. What Causes Gastroenteritis? The most common cause of gastroenteritis in kids is a germ called the rotavirus. This virus is transmitted out in …

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Why Cleaning Your Hands Is Important

Overview A number of contagious illnesses can be transmitted from one individual to another by dirty hands. These illnesses consist of respirational infections, such as flu and gastrointestinal infections. Cleaning your hands correctly can stop the transmission of microorganisms (like germs and viruses) that lead to these illnesses. Some types of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections …

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First Aid Treatment For A Head Trauma

Overview Head trauma is an injury that affects the brain / skull Injuries range from minor to serious Head injury may be ‘closed’ or ‘penetrating’ ‘Closed’-when head hits against a blunt object These injuries lead to concussion ‘Penetrating’ – an object penetrates skull and enters brain Causes Road traffic accidents Accidents at home / work …

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How To Treat Bruises

Overview Bruises are injuries to the soft tissue It is an ‘area of discoloration’ on the skin Other names – Hematoma, Contusion Can last for days to several months Causes Sports Injuries Accidents Falls Blows from objects/people Chances increase if taking medications, like Aspirin Types Subcutaneous-underneath the skin Intramuscular – within the underlying muscles Periosteal-bruise …

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How To Treat Croup

Overview of Croup Croup is the inflammation of the windpipe and voice box. The inflammation can make it hard to breathe. Causes of Croup Croup is caused by viral infections such as: Coxsackie virus; Respiratory syncytial virus; Rhinovirus; Adenovirus; Enterovirus; Influenza virus type A; Reovirus; and Measles virus. Symptoms Croup regularly begins with symptoms related to an …

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Treating The Primary Symptoms Of Whooping Cough

Overview Of Whooping Cough The illness is extremely contagious and quite severe in babies below the age of 12 months. It’s very uncommon for kids who have been inoculated against whooping cough to get the illness – and if they do, it’s generally not as severe. The condition generally begins with a persistent dry and exasperating cough that …

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